Reviews Flekosteel

  • Dio
    I work as a courier, so I have a lot of time on the legs. One day, in the Winter I slipped and fell. In the evening, very strongly swollen knee did not want, so I went to work the next day. My doctor friend advised me to Flekosteel. I bought the Medium, and in the evening, the pain became much less and the swelling is almost out.
  • Dinda
    Already 7 years I suffer from osteochondrosis. I especially feel it in the cold season— is worth the pain a little freeze and immediately the back starts. In one of these periods daughter brought me Flekosteel. To be forgiven about 15 minutes after applying the gel, the pain began to move. Now I have this Gel in the pharmacy, you can if the weather changes to pain when the joints start.
  • Irma
    Flekosteel bought on the advice of friends. Reviews are good, and the price is acceptable. I had problems with the knees, especially the feet ached in the night. Already after the first application of the gel, I made a small relief felt, and after a week I was able to sleep normal.
  • Rudi
    I was in the gym. The program gave him enhanced. But already by the end of the first week the whole body ached, burned, the muscles and joints. To ease the pain Trainer gave me a Gel Flekosteel. Its natural composition aimed at the elimination of such symptoms. Now I use it before exercise to warm up the muscles.
  • Sherly
    My mother often helps inflamed nerve in the neck, and the cream from the in-house pharmacy really. I decided to try a Gel Flekosteel. The Gel solved the Problem since the first days of the application. You, of course, it would be necessary to treat the spine, but while the Gel helps stable.
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